Southpoint Solutions provides innovative products which deliver proven savings through energy efficiency. Our ability as a turnkey provider ensures prompt delivery, expert installation, quality service, technical support, very competitive pricing, and post-project support.

Industrial Solutions

High Intensity LED Lighting Fixtures

LED technolgy provides the ultimate in energy savings and longevity. Our broad range of LED products takes LEDs to the next level with unique optics and advanced thermal management that are customized to fit your specific lighting requirements.  LED benefits your bottom line in another way - signficantly decreased maintenance costs.

High Intensity Fluorescent (HIF) Lighting Fixtures

High intensity fluorescent fixtures are a proven technology that provide excellent light output and quality while using significantly less energy than legacy systems such as metal halides.  The broad diversity of designs allow for effective use in a variety of applications.  Our fluorescent fixtures outperform every other fluorescent fixture in the market through patented optical efficiency and thermal management.  In short, our fixtures get more light to the working surface and cost less to operate, which directly improves your bottom line. 

Commercial Solutions

LED Interior and Decorative Lighting

Office and common areas are often overlooked but are also areas where significant savings can be realized.  With recent improvements in LED technology, these areas have become prime opportunities to decrease energy waste with short paybacks.  For example, most lay in office fixtures that currently consume up to 147 watts can be retrofitted with LED solutions that consume only 40 watts.

Exterior Lighting

With the industry's best optical and thermal designs, Southpoint's exterior fixture solutions allow our customers to meet their goals when upgrading the lighting at their facilities, whether those goals are better lit parking lots or common areas, improved safety, decreased energy use, or better color rendering, or all of these.  The quality of Southpoint's fixtures ensures the lowest total cost of ownership compared to the competition.  When you're making a 20 year decision, the quality of the construction and the components are critically important.

Wireless Controls


Efficiency is the best way to improve your bottom line. Having the most efficient fixtures is an important step but is not the final answer. Adding controls such as occupancy sensors, photo eyes, and dimming capabilities are a low cost approach to exponentially greater savings. Our solutions are designed to give you the right amount of light in the right locations at the right times.

 Apollo Light Pipe


The Apollo® Light Pipe utilizes the lowest cost light available -- the sun. Apollo can reduce your energy costs for lighting to zero for significant portions of the day. Daylight is harvested through the dome and travels through the sealed light pipe. Focused daylight enters the building.

The Apollo® Light Pipe is designed to be a one-for-one daytime replacement of a typical electrical lighting fixture.



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