Southpoint Solutions will develop an Energy Savings Summary (ESS) unique to your project which will show you the proposed energy efficiency project, the cost of the project, financing options, the amount of estimated rebates, the payback period, and your return on investment.  In short, our goal is to provide you with an easy to understand proposal so you have all the necessary information to make a decision.


Field Survey and Design

In order to properly design your project to ensure maximum energy savings, a Southpoint Solutions Energy Consultant will conduct a detailed field survey of your facility.  Understanding the work environment, existing lighting or other technology, building size and dimensions, obstructions, electrical system, and, most importantly, our customer’s objectives in undertaking a project are critical in Southpoint Solutions Solutions’ ability to customize a solution for our customers.

The Field Survey and Design work generally includes –

  • Measurement of existing light levels
  • Confirm system voltage
  • Analysis of both the number and type of existing fixtures
  • Environmental evaluation
  • Determine areas of light improvement
  • Analysis of work activity for possible use of controls technology
  • Lighting layout of the proposal

Site Field Verification

In order to demonstrate the optical and thermal superiority of Southpoint Solutions’ lighting solutions, Southpoint Solutions will install a demonstration system and energy meters so that you can compare the energy used, and therefore the cost, to run your existing technology as compared to the Southpoint Solutions technology.  At the same time you will get to see and measure the quality and quantity of light of the two technologies.

The Site Filed Verification (SFV) is done at no risk to you and is designed to:

  • Prove the superior optical and thermal efficiencies of Southpoint Solutions’ technology
  • Verifies that the recommended solution for your facility is suitable prior to project implementation
  • Validates the guaranteed energy savings
  • Demonstrates ease of installation
  • Shows improved quantity and quality of light

Project Management and Implementation

On turnkey projects, Southpoint Solutions assigns a project manager dedicated to ensuring your project is done professionally, on time, within budget, and with as little interruption as possible to your business’ operations.

  • Your point of contact before, during, and after implementation
  • Works with the manufacture to ensure the correct quantity and quality of material is delivered on time
  • Handles sub-contracting and insurance requirements with qualified installation companies
  • Conducts pre-construction meeting with customer and installation crew
  • Instructs installation crew on unique requirements of each job
  • Monitors schedule and quality of implementation
  • Make sure project is done on time and to expectation of customer
  • Conducts final walk-through and manages punch list items
  • Ensures proper recycling of old technology
  • Assists with warranty and rebate applications, if applicable

Disposal and Recycling

Southpoint Solutions completely handles the burden of dealing with hazardous materials after a retrofit project.  Southpoint Solutions sub-contracts disposal to qualified companies, and when applicable coordinates the provision of a certificate of proper recycling.

Environmental Stewardship Award

                Undertaking an energy efficiency project demonstrates forward thinking, and Southpoint Solutions likes to recognize companies whose business philosophy includes a concern for the environment

.  Upon completion of your project, Southpoint Solutions will present you with an Environmental Stewardship Award (ESA) to confirm the significant reduction of greenhouse gases resulting from your project.

Pictured: Dwayne McCloud, facility manager (left) and Mike Turner, VP of operations (right) with Sysco accepting the Orion Environmental Stewardship Award for their energy savings lighting project


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