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Alfmeier Friederich & Rath to be awarded the Environmental Stewardship Award by Southpoint Solutions as a result of implementing an energy efficient lighting project at its Greenville, SC facility

Alfmeier Friederich & Rath (AFR) recently completed a project to upgrade its old energy–wasting lights with a high performance energy efficient lighting system.  The project resulted in significantly reduced electricity costs and improved lighting quality.  At the same time, the reduced electricity usage causes less greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity production.

Southpoint Solutions, an energy efficiency company based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, worked with AFR to develop and implement this project utilizing the patented technology of Orion Energy Systems.   The solution designed by Southpoint Solutions allowed AFR to replace over 258 inefficient high intensity discharge light fixtures with Orion's energy efficient high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) technology, while still improving light levels and quality. 

As a result of the project, AFR expects to cut its light-related electricity usage, and the associated costs, by almost 63 percent. An added benefit is that lower electricity usage means less fossil fuel emissions associated with electricity production.  By completing this project, AFR has indirectly reduced the amount of air pollution by 294.6 tons of carbon dioxide which has an equivalent impact of saving 36,583 gallons of gasoline annually or planting 81 acres of trees.  The Environmental Stewardship Award being presented by Southpoint Solutions to is in recognition of the positive impact the company’s lighting project had on the environment.

AFR originally decided to complete a lighting retrofit to take advantage of the cost savings from their utility usage but in the end it turned out to be an economic benefit along with a morale booster for their associates. “All employees have been very impressed with the difference that the lighting upgrades have made. In fact a few areas that were not a part of the original scope of this project were later included once the associates saw the end results. Everyone is extremely pleased with the final product,” states Eric Sheriff with AFR.

AFR is committed to protecting the environment by preventing pollution, managing resources efficiently, establishing and reviewing environmental objectives and continually improving the Environmental Management System.

Southpoint Solutions worked diligently to provide the right technology and design to meet AFR’s needs. “The project was turnkey; Southpoint Solutions took care of all aspect of the project including working with Duke Energy to acquire our energy rebate. The rebate from this project was more than any of us expected. If we would have known the rebate would end up as much as it did and the process was as quick and smooth as it was, we would have implemented this project years ago. We are also reviewing implementing the same project at one of our sister plants,” says Sheriff.


Alfmeier Friedrichs & Rath concentrates on fuel management and thermal management solutions. AFR also focuses on gas and flow control, brake vacuum support, crank case ventilation as well as seating comfort. Their core production technology is precision plastic injection molding. For more information, visit www.afrna.com


Southpoint Solutions, LLC. is an energy services company whose mission is to help commercial and industrial companies reduce energy costs and achieve environmental objectives by developing and implementing turnkey energy efficiency projects consisting primarily of high-performance, energy-efficient lighting platforms, intelligent wireless control systems and direct renewable solar technology. For more information, visit www.SouthpointSolutions.com.

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